Adult Classes
at the Dutch School

I came, I saw, I Dutched

The Dutch School in Israel normally offers languages courses for adults in the evenings in Tel Aviv. Until further notice we currently only teach Online Courses.

The next courses will start on February first, 2021. 

Additionally, (private) lessons and courses can be arranged according to student needs and teacher availability.

Who do we teach?
Anyone who would like to learn or improve their Dutch language skills. Most of our students either plan on moving to the Netherlands, have a Dutch/ Flemish speaking partner or have Dutch/ Belgian roots.  


Our online courses require a minimum of 7 students, and have maximum of 12 students per group. 

What do we teach?

We teach Dutch at different levels. The level of the class will depend on the students, their goals and their progress. Courses are generally upbeat, and to learn Dutch (or any language) well, home studies are required. We have a variety of teaching materials available, and include online courses to learn vocabulary more easily.

What are the costs?

For the school year 2020-2021, fees are 450 shekel per month. Lessons are weekly and last for 2 hours. Our online course lasts 1,5 hours and costs 320 shekel per month. We are closed on national holidays and chol-ha-moed weeks.

What courses do we offer?

At the moment we only offer online courses:

Sundays 19:00 - 20:30      Advanced Course

Sundays 20:30 - 22:00     Beginner's + Course
Mondays 20:30 - 22:00    Beginner's Course

Where do we teach?

When onsite, we teach in Tel Aviv, Shivtei Israel 48. Free parking is usually available. 

Other options

If group lessons aren't an option for you, private lessons might be a good alternative. We teach online, at the school or in a location preferred by the teacher (when possible) in the area of Tel Aviv, Givatayim and Hadera. Availability upon request.

Group lessons: 450 ILS per month
Online course: 320 ILS per month
Private:              140 ILS per hour
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